Nu (quiet_rebel) wrote,

SPN Fic : "Rise" Jo, Dean/Jo

Jo, Dean/Jo
Rating: R
Set in the not so distant future
Warning: Character death (sort of)

When Dean brings her back from the dead, the earth has dried up into fiery pits.

He gives her a sort of smile as though to say, It's not that bad. If I can do it--

“You can do it,” he says out loud.

She exhales and tastes gritty sand on her tongue.



The name paints memories of hazy images. A mother's warm touch. A father's forgotten promise to return. And a home that was also the home to many others.


But when Dean says the name, all she remembers is pain.


She had died alone. Bleeding, suffering, and slowly. Just the way Sam had wanted.

“You won't be alone again,” Dean tells her.

She feels her heart beat.


Dean hands her the gun.

“You remember, don't you?”

She nods.


She kills her first demon that night.


Something isn't right with Dean either.

Even when he stands with the angels--shoulder to shoulder--his back is never quite straight.


He kisses her while they're locked inside a cabin. A blizzard rages outside.

She thinks his lips are supposed to feel warm, but she can't help but shiver.

In the morning, there is a pathway in the middle of the waist-high blanket of snow. Castiel waits at the other end.


She knows Sam is making his way to them because all of the snow has suddenly melted.

“He brings Hell with him wherever he goes,” Castiel says.


Her memories are still a blur, but one thing is always sharp, always in focus.

Sam stands over while she is on her last breath. He picks her up without even touching her and with a smile, tosses her through the air like a rag doll. She closes her eyes and flies.

And when she opens her eyes, Dean is there to catch her.


Castiel tells them the angels are losing the war. They need more to rise.

She tilts her head, listens. So does Dean.

By morning, she is shaking hands with John Winchester.

A few hours later, she embraces her father.


The next time Dean kisses her, it triggers a memory.

Dean holds her down on the bed, spreads her legs, and thrusts into her. He presses his wet mouth against her cheek. She arches her back and moans. Want, want, need, need...

She pulls away and touches her lips. They burn.

“You remember, don't you?” Dean asks.

She nods.


“I never forgot.”


In the morning, Castiel waits for them once again. He stands in shadows, even though the dead trees provide no shade.

Her throat goes dry, and she knows.

“Sam's here,” she says.


The lake is on fire.

She sees the black-eyed army of demons on the other shore. In between the gold leaping flames, she also makes out the silhouette of their commander.

Sam's smile has not changed since the last time she saw it. Next to him, the dark-haired demon curls herself into his frame like a snake around a pole. Her name is the color of blood. The color of his power.

“We are ready,” Castiel says to Dean.

He moves to Dean's side. She does the same. Everyone behind them--the angels, the risen--takes a step forward.

She looks at Dean and sees his back is no longer crooked.

Their gazes meet as though they're trying to say, It's okay. I'm here--

“You're not alone,” they tell each other.


Title from:
“Set If Off” by POD
Our time has come, watch me set it off
It’s been a while but we back
So you can count it loss

We lay and wait, don’t hesitate
When opportunity knocks
Break the locks and rush the gates
Seize the day, we got moves to make
It’s got to be now
Cause we’re half past late

Say what you say, but you ain’t shown me nothin
If you want me to feel you
Then you best to show me something
All bark and no bite, talking all hype
I hang with the illest
You I don’t recognize

Desensitize and paralyze
Sabotage headquarters
Flood your bloodlines, we sterilize

Here we come
Chant down dem Babylon
The wicked man when he sees me I go run
Me understand
Why dem cowards don’t want none
Underground blaze the sound to Armageddon

(Chorus 2x:)
RISE - Let your spirit fly
RISE- Stand up for yourself
RISE- Hold your head up high

Our time has come
Set it off

Choose my battles, unravel your crew
Dismantle, they still can’t handle or fathom
What I throw at ‘em

I can’t imagine, they babblin’
Acting like I’m laughing, don’t find it funny
But I smile at your sarcasm

You plastic, so tragic, you fake
So you mask it, no gimmicks, no antics
We real and we’ve outlasted

Your phoniness, so you best to come correct
You want to disrespect
Why do cowards talk the loudest

Papa didn’t raise no punk
On everything I love, if you ready
Then come and get it son

Overpower the strong tower
Infiltrate top ranks
Count down the final hour

Here we come
Chant down dem Babylon
The wicked man when he sees me I go run
Me understand
Why dem cowards don’t want none
Underground blaze the sound to Armageddon

We made it this far don’t you quit on me

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