Hi guys! *tackles everyone*

Wow. I think this has been the longest time I haven't updated my LJ...two months? Anyway, I had a birthday, I went back to Michigan to visit and spend time with my family, I went to Mexico on a mission trip to build homes for families in need, I went to Santa Barbara for vacation, I got a promotion at work, I got two short stories published, I got a publisher's request for my novel, I wrote a spec script for The Walking Dead and sent it into the NBC Writer's on the Verge screenwriting fellowship program, I saw Tori Amos in concert for the first time and LOVED it, I bought my plane ticket to see my sister and the kids next month, CELEBRATED FIVE YEARS OF LIVING IN CALIFORNIA!!

I think that's enough catching-up, haha!

The only thing that's missing is that I DID NOT go to Comic-Con :( But I still had fun stalking Twitter, watching videos, reading interviews, smiling at cast photos...especially with The Walking Dead. Guys, I was perfectly fine just being a fan of the show, but then I had to fall hard for Beth/Daryl and now I have a frickin' OTP. Well, if I can't have Rick/Andrea on the TV show, then Beth/Daryl it is!

So, how is everyone doing this summer?

My birthday wishlist

Hello LJ!

My 33rd birthday is three days away. I went through my archives and looked at what I was posting around my birthday each year. My first birthday post was 10 years ago. I was turning 23 and posting about Alias and writing Sarkney fanfic. Ah, free time. What is that??

This was my birthday post that year:
Thanks to those who wished me a happy birthday! Not that 23 isn't too much of a difference from 22, but hey, I'm getting closer to that senior discount at Denny's. I went out to the bar Tuesday night with friends. Then, on my birthday, it was my roomie's day to take me out. We went to eat out twice, saw Mean Girls, and she baked me a birthday cake. I got a nice card from my parents and money!

It's strange how I can tell how young I was in that one paragraph.

So, this is my birthday wishlist to myself 10 years later:

I wish...

For wisdom
For inspiration
For imagination
For passion
For an open heart
For adventure
For cultivating relationships
For laughter
For happiness
For personal and spiritual growth
For strength in weak moments
For vulnerability in proud moments

Before I hit post, I can only imagine what 43-year-old Nu will think of this entry: "It's strange how I can tell how young I was in that one paragraph." Probably.

Going old school

I was reading through some really old emails and found some lovely feedback people had sent me on some of my old fanfics (I'm talking Alias and General Hospital here). This was back in like 2003 and 2004. It just made me miss the days when people actually took time and wrote long pieces of feedback and emailed them to you. I know I sound like that "old fangirl lady," but there's a reason why I always wrote "Feedback is fuel" in my story headers.

Anyway, here are my current obsessions: The Walking Dead (Beth/Daryl), Vikings, Captain America: The Winter Solider (Bucky angst!), Hart of Dixie (holding out for a Zoe/Wade reunion), and Stefan/Caroline from TVD (just kiss already!)

Things I'm curious about: The Originals (Hayley/Elijah)

If you want to talk about any of those things, leave me a comment!

I need your help, Veronica.

So, I saw the Veronica Mars movie (!) finally. I'll put my thoughts behind a spoiler tag (!), but overall, I felt content. I remember sitting in my car after watching Serenity in the theater and crying because I thought, "Wow, he (Joss) actually did it." Because how many times can one of your favorite cancelled TV shows come back to life on the big screen? I had the same feeling with VM--relief, satisfaction, gratitude...I mean, seriously, the entire VM canon just changed and this is after 10 years!!

Okay, let's talk.Collapse )