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I had to log-in here and tell my 2007 self, you will get this one day and you will be happy. Justice for the Harvelles. Standing-room only. The love is still strong.


Current obsessions

Hello LJ! Miss you!

Since I last updated, I got my first tattoo (a microphone and pencil as one). My two passions :) It's on the inside of my right wrist. It didn't hurt as much as I thought, only during the shading. But I'm quite happy with it!

I also jumped into a new fandom dumpster. You know that From Dusk Till Dawn fic I wrote two months ago? Well, now it's up to NINE fics. I haven't written this much fic since like 2012. I'm a goner for Seth/Kate--OTP 2015. I even started posting my fic at AO3. Find me at quiet_rebel always and forever.

And that handsome devil at the bottom right is DJ Cotrona, who plays Seth Gecko. HELLO NEW CELEBRITY CRUSH! Don't worry, Tom Hiddleston, you are still my #1 :D


**She answered my question and said my name!

The best part is finding new fandom friends. It's definitely different tweeting reactions as opposed to leaving comments on LJ or whatever, but the rollercoaster emotions are still the same, haha!

Anyway, season 2 starts in three weeks! If I vanish again, you know where I am :)

I wrote fic!

Here, have some fic about a professional thief and a preacher's daughter on a TV show that three people plus me watch. This weekend, I wrote fanfic and made fanart. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I will do what I want. But seriously, it was fun writing about pretty people and their pretty angst again! I think I still got it :)

Hold On
From Dusk Till Dawn (TV)
Word count: 1,300
Summary: Set after season one.

Catching him was easy; it was keeping him upright that was the challenge.Collapse )

Friday the 13th!

Quick update, LJ folks!

This weekend my family from Michigan is FINALLY coming to SoCal to visit me! Yes, after five years, they're coming to me for vacation. I can't wait to show them why I love California and now call it my home! We're going to Six Flags Magic Mountain, the beach, LA...fun times! This is the first time my entire family has been together since 2011.

I'm the maid of honor in my friend's wedding next month. Lots of planning. It's bittersweet, but I'm happy for her. I have another friend who is also getting married in June.

Lots of traveling for work lately.

Still writing, but it has slowed down due to my busy schedule. Remember when I used to write fanfic? Like a lot? Those were the days...

My new favorite thing: live band karaoke.

Anyone watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix? I'm on episode 6 and I love it! PINOT NOOOOIRRR!!

Hello, 2015!

HI LJ! It's 2015 and the first month is already almost over! Eep.

Let's see. I started off the new year with a broken cell phone. Ugh. In my fifteen years of owning a cell phone, I've never dropped my phone hard enough to actually break it, and I did that on Dec. 31. Of course. So, that means I had a fun night :) Since it was the holidays and my new phone wouldn't be shipped out until a Friday (Thank God for insurance), I had to go four days without a phone. Oh, the horror. Actually, it wasn't that bad. Kinda freeing, haha. But I kept having phantom moments, where I would think I heard my phone go off, even though it wasn't on me physically or I would want to reach into my purse for it to check for messages.

I also wrote my first new short story for 2015! And of course, it's dark and angsty and involves murder.

Speaking of murder, I'm completely swept up with The Fall (not the fab Lee Pace movie), but the BBC show with Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan. Gah. I finished season one in two days on Netflix, and I'm already four episodes in on season two (did those four just last night!) I'm hoping there's a season three, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Only bad part is having to wait for it after I finish season two!

I started taking vocal lessons, and I love it--although I have to make weird noises and do strange voice exercises. My instructor says if it sounds pretty, I'm doing it wrong.

So, LJ, what are you reading, watching, listening to? I would love to get some recs!